The Old BNZ Building

The Old BNZ Building is a well known building in Timaru, this project has consisted of taking an unused building(old bank) and turning it into a multi-unit complex complete with office space, retail shop area and high end luxury apartment in the penthouse.

The brief originally was to create a high end apartment on the top level, and the client was open to letting us, the builders be creative with design as we built, which showed a lot of trust in our ability to think outside the square. 

The ground floor was leased out so we needed to turn this into a nice bright retail space. This involved opening up the concrete street facing walls to fit new floor to ceilings glass panels. The old 'vault' was opened up which involved removing all the old safes and cutting through 300mm thick concrete walls.

The mid floor was extended to gain more office space, the office space is a shared space for several different businesses. We incorporated some items out of the bank to create some cohesion throughout the different levels.   

This has been one of the most rewarding projects I've been involved in.


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